Friday, January 28, 2011

Those Jobs She Hates

Everyone has some job that they hate doing; it might be washing the dishes, or the clothes, or mowing the lawn. Whatever it is, that one job can turn their otherwise wonderful day into a thunderstorm.

It really isn’t all that hard to find out what those jobs are, all you have to do is look at what they try and avoid. Most of us put off the thing we don’t want to do. Of course, if doing that thing makes someone start growling and snarling every time, that’s a pretty obvious indicator.

Day 94 – What is that job that your wife hates doing? Do you know it? More importantly, is it something that you can do for her? You know, with most women out in the workplace as well, it is only fair that us guys do our fair share around the house.

How much could it improve your marriage relationship if she didn’t have to do that one job? How much could it improve your family’s functioning? Well, looks to me like it’s time to step up to the bat. She’ll appreciate it, and you’ll appreciate having a more content wife.

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