Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dancing Under the Stars

Dance can be a wonderful expression of love. The two of you, with your bodies moving in perfect harmony expresses your togetherness; the strong leading of the man, symbolizing his desire to lead his wife through the pitfalls of life, while protecting her at all times; the woman following her husband’s lead, saying to him that she’s ready to follow him anywhere. Dips, spins and other embellishments showing the joy of being together and always sharing everything that life brings you; togetherness.

While dance is normally done in public, it is really a very private thing. Well okay, a slow dance is a very private thing; I won’t comment on what some people call dance. It is a time of just being alone together in the midst of the crowd. Just block them all out, and focus on the two of you, alone with the music.

Day 89 – Why not really dance alone? This evening, take your wife on a drive off to someplace private; maybe there’s a park in your area that’s largely abandoned at night. Be sure to bring a CD player along, with some good slow dance music. Don’t let her know what’s going on, but if it’s cold, be sure to tell her to dress warmly.

When you get there, park the car, take your CD player with you and act as if you are just going for a walk with the music. When you reach an opportune moment, set the CD player down, sweep your wife into your arms, give her a kiss, and dance with her.
If you can see the stars, that’s an added bonus.

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