Friday, January 7, 2011

What’s Cooking?

Many men walk in the door from their day’s work, expecting to find dinner on the table. Some actually get mad when it isn’t sitting there waiting for them. While I can understand being hungry when one get’s home from work, I can’t understand getting mad because your dinner isn’t waiting for you. That sounds a little like the guy is thinking of his wife as a slave, instead of as a wife.

You know, maybe it made sense once upon a time for men to have that sort of expectation, when he went off to work, and most women were stay-at-home moms; but these days there aren’t too many couples that can manage on just his income.

It’s bad enough when the guy has that sort of attitude and his wife is at home all day. But, if he has that attitude, and she’s working outside the home too, it’s inexcusable to think like that. If their family needs require her to help him make enough money for them to live on, then the other side of that coin is for him to help her around the house.

Day 77 – One great way to help your wife around the house is to do some of the cooking. Not only is cooking necessary, but it can also be fun, especially when you are creative in the kitchen. I’ve never understood why guys think it’s unmanly to cook, especially since most of the professional cooks in the world are men.

Let me paint a scenario for you. The two of you arrive home from your work at about the same time. Instead of doing the usual, flipping on the TV, kicking off your shoes, and relaxing while your wife makes dinner, you do a role reversal with her. Take her into the living room, sit her down on the sofa, take off her shoes and hand her the remote. Then, while she relaxes, you can go in the kitchen and whip up some dinner. Don’t make a big production about what you’re doing, just do it.

Don’t try and tell me you can’t do that. If nothing else, I’m sure you can boil spaghetti and dump some canned sauce on it, or make an omelet. I’m sure there’s something you know how to cook. It’s not about how great you cook; it’s about giving her a break and doing something for her.

Oh, and don’t forget to do the dishes afterwards. It’s not fair to do the cooking if you’re not willing to do the cleaning. That’s kind of like saying, “I’ll do the fun part, but leave the grunt work to you” – definitely not cool.

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