Monday, January 17, 2011

Laughter, the Best Medicine

You know, it seems like life in general is determined to take the joy out of our lives. Not that there’s nothing good going on, but it seems that the problems and difficulties constantly seek how they can overwhelm us. The first thing that they steal from us is our joy, and then they work to steal everything else they can.

I have found, through my own personal experience, a few basic truths that have helped me out:

·         Things are never as bad as we can imagine them to be.
·         No matter what happens, there is always a solution.
·         Being upset never solved anything.
·         If I can maintain my joy, it’s faster, easier and more successful to confront the problem.
·         Don’t sweat the small stuff.

All right, maybe those statements seem a little trite, but I still say that they are true. I can always confront any problem better when I can keep my wits about me, and even more important, keep my emotions under control. Joy can overcome a mountain of difficulties.

Day 84 – What activity that you can do together that makes you and your wife both happy? Is it dancing down the mall? Watching a funny movie? Remembering all the “bloopers” from your own life? Telling stories about your kids growing up? I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure there’s something that can bring a smile, or better yet a laugh, to both of you.

When you, as a couple, are confronted by any sort of problem, use that thing to make yourselves smile. I’m not saying that you should act like an imbecile and pretend the problem doesn’t exist; what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t let the problem take control of your lives. Deal with your emotions first, then you can deal with the problem much better.

Don’t expect your wife to be the one who lifts your emotions in those situations, be the one who lifts your wife’s emotions. You’ll find that as you work to lift hers, you’ll end up lifting your own as well.

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