Monday, January 31, 2011

Don’t Forget to Call

In today’s fast-moving culture, it seems like none of us know what’s going on from one minute to the next. We can start the day with one plan and suddenly find that the whole day has gone topsy-turvy. Or we can start the week off with almost nothing on our agenda, and suddenly find that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

One of the things that can be a real irritant is when people you live with don’t let you know what’s going on in their lives; especially when those things affect you. Not only that, with as much violence and crime as are in the world today, those changes can become a cause for real worry. How would you feel if your wife didn’t get home from work when you are used to her getting home? Well, how do you think she feels if you don’t get home?

Day 97 – This one’s actually a very easy one. Just make sure you let your wife know what’s going on. There’s two basic parts to that. First of all, make sure you tell her, every week, if there’s something different on that week’s schedule. Even if you had told her before, tell her again, she might have forgotten. Be especially sure to tell her those things that affect her, or that will cause you to be home late.

Secondly, make sure you call your wife anytime something happens that's going to make you be later than you thought. This doesn’t just apply to work. If you go to run a couple of errands, and remember something you need to do while you are out; call her and let her know. That way, she won’t be wondering why you’re late.

Even better than that, it gives you another chance to tell your wife that you love her. Gotta grab those chances when you’ve got them. 

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