Friday, January 21, 2011

When was the Last Time You Went Out Together?

You know, in all the hustle and bustle of life, trying to keep your career together, dealing with all the problems of life, taking care of the car, the kids and the house; it seems like it’s so hard to find time to be with the one person who is the most important. Somehow, just spending time together goes by the wayside, if we don’t make the effort to do it.

That’s the key, making the effort. You won’t get time together if you don’t plan to have time together. There’s always something or other that presents itself as being more important than those few minutes alone, without anyone interrupting you; where you can just be a couple in love.

If nothing else, the kids will find something they need you to do. I don’t know how many date plans get ruined each week by some kid saying, “But mom, I need you to take me to football practice.” Or whatever sort of practice. Kids don’t seem to understand their parents’ needs.

Day 88 – Okay, I’m sure you can see where this is leading. Friday night is always a great night to go out together; so, why not go out tonight? Make sure the kids needs are taken care of, the house isn’t going to fall apart, and the cat is out; then, take off, pretend you’re teenagers again, and go out on a real date; you know, the dinner and movies kind.

As a matter of fact, if you’re going to pretend you’re teens again, why not go all the way? What is the one thing teens on a date always try and do? No, not that, although if you want to, go for it (you’ve got a license for that sort of thing, you know). No, what I’m talking about is staying out as late as you can. After the movie, go for a cup of coffee, then find yourselves a nice quiet place to park the car, and just be together. What you do together is up to you.

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