Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Thanksgiving is over, we’ve all gotten stuffed, and now we enter the mad race to get ready for Christmas. More than anything, today is a celebration of the materialism and greed that our Christmas celebration has become. Millions of shoppers will stand in lines and literally fight with each other to get the last discounted whatever-it-is for Johnny or Suzie.

If you are like most guys, you steer well clear of anything that looks like a shopping mall or discount store. That is, unless your favorite electronics store has a spectacular deal on some gadget you’ve been wanting, then we’re out there fighting and pushing with the best of them.

I feel sorry for women on these days. My wife has never been much for Black Friday shopping, but a lot of women are out there, struggling to breath in that swarming mass of humanity; even more, struggling to get that great deal.

Day 40 – Today, whenever your wife emerges from that writhing monster called the mall, she’s going to be exhausted, frustrated, maybe a little elated, but definitely ready to collapse. When she walks in the door, it would be a great time to greet her like you want to be greeted; with a warm smile, a hug and a kiss, and some help to carry the bounty in from the car.

Oh, one more thing; a warm meal waiting for her. I don’t mean warming up yesterday’s leftovers in the microwave, either. She probably doesn’t want to see a turkey today. However, there are lots of great things one can do with that leftover turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Get online and find one of the myriad of recipes that creative cooks have come up with for leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

One other detail. The worst thing you can do is greet her at the door with the question, “Well, how much did you spend this time?” There’s a good chance she doesn’t even know. Just take comfort in knowing that whatever she spent, it was less than she would have had to spend any other day of the year. 

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