Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Take Advantage of the Long Weekend

Rumor has it that the big Thanksgiving weekend is right around the corner; lots of free time, football games on the tube, and plenty to eat. Sounds like an ideal weekend, right?

Hold on, wait a minute, where’s our priority here? Is it to take the extra time just for us, or would it be better to invest some of this time in our marriage? After all, you’ve got four whole days off, I would think that you could easily find enough time to have a great time with your wife, and maybe still catch the ball game.

Day 38 – Is there someplace special the two of you have wanted to go check out, but have never seemed to find the time? Or, how about someplace you used to go when you dated, and you’ve always talked about going back, but never did? Or, maybe even someplace she’s wanted to go, and you’ve always drug your feet on it. Well, this is the time. Why not take Saturday as your day with your wife. Make your plans, find someone to watch the kids (or arrange for them to be with friends, if they’re old enough for that), make sure you don’t need reservations, and keep it secret from her.

Actually, this Saturday might be a great day to go someplace special like that. Most of the people will be crowding the malls, getting a start on their Christmas shopping. So, you can go someplace fun, without all the crowds. As an added benefit, you’ll probably get great service.

I’m starting you early on this, because it might take a little bit of planning on your part. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps us from doing something we want to do is that we never plan for it. Well, plan now. That way, on Saturday, you can have a great time.

If the place is too far to go in one day, leave on Friday, after she hits the Black Friday sales, and come back on Saturday, that gives you an even better romantic interlude. You can combine wherever you go with a romantic dinner, a romantic breakfast, and a romantic night in a hotel.

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