Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, we’ve made it to Thanksgiving. For most guys, it’s a great day of football and food. But, hey guys, what about our wives? What are they doing, while we’re playing armchair quarterback? You got it, they’re out their in the kitchen all day, working their little fannys off, making sure that the family has a great feast to enjoy.

You know, cooking is one of those great activities, where we can enjoy working together. I’ve never understood why most men think it’s “unmanly” to cook; that’s crazy. Most of the cooks in most of the restaurants, around the world are men. Yet, we can’t cook at home? I don’t get it. Let me get back on track here; like I already said, cooking is a great togetherness activity. Even if the recipe that you are working on doesn’t require two people to do, you can work on two different things; together.

I enjoy cooking; so does my wife. So, when we have the opportunity, we do it together. Granted, Tuesday night dinner doesn’t need two cooks; but a Thanksgiving feast, or having a dinner party with some friends; that’s when it’s time to cook together.

Day 39 – You’ve probably already guessed where I’m going with this one, right? You got it, pry yourself out of the armchair, go in the kitchen, and give your wife a hand with the Thanksgiving banquet. Not only will this give you some great time together, but she’ll be able to enjoy the holiday as well. That’s a real gift to her!

What’s that, you say? You don’t know how to cook? No problem! I’m sure you know how to use a knife to chop stuff. Ask her what needs chopping. I’m also sure you know how to wash the dishes (even if you don’t like to); offer to do that for her. You could even ask her to teach you how to cook. That would probably give the two of you some opportunities for some great laughs.

Cooking is actually fun. Once you get over the macho idea that you can’t do it, you might find that you enjoy doing it. Besides, you get to eat what you create. Experiment a little, let your wild side out in the kitchen, that’s how most great recipes come about, by someone letting loose in the kitchen and trying something new.

Not only will you find that cooking together is a fun activity, it will give you something new and creative to talk about. Adapting recipes and finding combinations that go together is very creative. That’s important to our communication as a couple; because it comes from the right side of the brain. Since women think more on the right side of the brain, and men more on the left side, this is one way where we can actually learn to think on the same side. That always helps communication. 

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