Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Little Pampering Never Hurts

It’s always important to remember that your wife is the most important person in your life. Even if you have a communication problem, or a disagreement between you; that doesn’t take away from her importance for you. Of all the people you know, she is the only one whose absence would bring your whole world to a screeching halt.

Everything we are doing as romantic acts is with the idea of showing her how important she is. Nobody else can show her that, and nobody else should show her that. You have the special honor of being the only person that she is so special to.

Day 23 - So, it’s Sunday, what can we do for her today? Let’s steal an idea from our kids. What’s the classic thing that kids do for their mothers on Mother’s Day? You got it; they make her breakfast in bed. So, go down to the kitchen, fire up the stove, and make her the best breakfast she’s ever had.

But, let’s change it a little from what the kids do. Don’t just deliver her breakfast, and leave her alone to eat it; make enough for two. That’s right, have a picnic breakfast, together with your wife, right there on your bed. That’ll give you a little time without the kiddies too.

Two little details, just to make sure you don’t negate your own work. First of all, don’t forget to clean up the kitchen. Your wife won’t feel romanticized if she’s got to clean up after you. Secondly, if you guys manage to spill anything on the bed (including crumbs) be the one to strip the bed and get the sheets into the wash; before she can do it.

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