Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nothing Says “Love” Like Chocolate

I honestly think that there must be more chocoholics in the world than there are addicts to anything else. Although there are those few rare people who actually don’t like chocolate, the vast majority of us, if placed before the greatest banquet the world has ever seen, would check to make sure there was enough chocolate for us.

Of course, the love of chocolate knows no gender boundary. Men and women alike swoon for some rich, creamy chocolate. But, there are two times in particular when a woman craves chocolate; those are during her PMS time, and during menopause. It seems that there is something in chocolate that really helps them through those times.

Day 18 – The next time your wife is going through one of those rough emotional times… you got it, buy her some chocolate. Now, while any chocolate will do, if you want to make it a romantic act, you really need to buy some sort of special chocolate, not just what they sell at the grocery store checkout.

Good chocolate isn’t exactly cheap, but then that’s part of what makes it special. Godiva is only one of a number of companies that sell specialty chocolates. Many malls now have Godiva stores, and many department stores now sell Godiva assortments. Or, maybe your town has a specialty chocolate store, where they make them by hand. If not, you can always search the Internet to find one who will ship to you.

Personally, my wife and I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, and we have trouble labeling white chocolate as any kind of chocolate. But, there are those out there who prefer the lighter, sweeter, milk chocolate. If you don’t know your wife’s preference in chocolate, it’s time to find out.
Like I said, there’s nothing that says “love” like chocolate.

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