Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chores are Easier When Shared

Many couple, especially couples where both partners work away from home, use their weekends to catch up on work around the house. All the regular chores, like cleaning and fixing and shopping are left for the weekend. So, instead of spending time together, they spend their time doing what’s got to get done.

Day 35 - Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution to that problem. It’s usually pretty hard to get that stuff done in the middle of the week; and putting it off till the next weekend just makes it worse. One way, or another all that work has got to get done.

Okay, so we can’t get rid of the chores, but maybe we can find a way of making them better. How? By doing them together. I’m not talking about you doing your part of the chores, and your wife doing her part; that’s not doing them together, it’s just sharing the workload. No, what I’m trying to suggest is that you seek out those chores that the two of you can work on together, and do them as a team.

Not only will this make those chores go faster, but there’s something about working together on something, anything, that draws people together; at least, it draws them together if they can work together without fighting over the work.

Some chores easily lend themselves to teamwork, such as gardening, washing dishes and cleaning out the garage. Those are the first ones to try. Others may not seem to be so much working on the project together, as working on two things, but where you can be together. For example, she’s dusting the living room, and you’ve got to hang the curtains. Well, at least try and hang the curtains while she’s in the living room, so that you can at least be together.

One other thing, grab moments to make the work more fun. A hug and kiss break in the midst of a project always makes it easier. Or, playing with the kids toys while cleaning out the attic can be a great break. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something you can do together. 

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