Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Gift Waiting for Her

Most couples are so busy that they have to coordinate their schedules, especially the parts about taking the kids to their activities and picking up things at the store. It’s not all that unusual to have to ask your wife to stop by the dry cleaners to pick up your pants, or to go to some shop to pick something up. Well, let’s take advantage of that.

Day 37 - This one will take a touch of planning, but it’s worth it. Buy some small, romantic gift for your wife, and wrap it up for her. Make sure her name is on it. Before asking your wife to go by the dry cleaners, go there yourself, and explain to the clerk what it is you want to do (this works especially well if they have a female clerk). Have them put the gift with your dry cleaning, so that it doesn’t get forgotten. Then, when your wife picks up your cleaning, she gets her gift too.

If you really want to make it special, go with two or three gifts in two or three different stores. Obviously, it works best to do this in small stores, where you can be sure that your wife won’t get lost in the crowds. Sales clerks, especially female ones, love to be in on the secret. At each stop, you wife will receive another gift.

I know a couple of men who did something similar to this for Valentines Day a couple of years ago. They left their wives a note, telling them to stop at such-and-such a store, where the first gift was waiting, along with a note telling them where the second stop was. In this case, they used all women’s stores for the stops; buying the presents in those stores. The sales clerks were so excited by it, that they were adding freebies to the gift bags.

The second year that they did this, their wives had a team of reporters, photographers, and video cameras following them around. The “gift tour” ended up on the news and in the paper.

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