Friday, November 5, 2010

How Many Times Can You Say, "I Love You"

There’s the old joke about the couple who had been married twenty years and were fighting. In the midst of the fight, she screams to her husband, “You never say that you love me!” Befuddled, he looks at his wife and responds, “I told you I love you 20 years ago, when I married you. Isn’t that enough for you?”

Those three important little words, how our wives long to hear them. Yet, many, if not most, men don’t say them anywhere near often enough. Oh, we say them, and do so much more often than in that joke; but all too often it can be days between times when we actually say “I Love You” to our wives.

Words are important to women. Although men are visually stimulated, women are aurally stimulated (that means by hearing). What we say to our wives greatly effects their emotions, their feeling of being loved, and even their health.

Day 21 – Let’s say “I love you” in a different way today, and let’s say it a lot. Ready? Get yourself some paper, and cut it into 100 or more little squares (if you want to get fancy, make them hearts). Write the words “I Love You” on each one of them, and sign them. Then, sometime when your wife can’t see you do it, go into her dresser and hide these little love notes in each and every article of clothing you can find. Don’t just scatter them, put them in the clothing. If you have to unroll socks, and unfold shirts to do it, do just that. Just make sure you fold it back up neatly when you’re done, or she’ll know somebody has been in her dresser.

Now, for the next couple of weeks, or even longer, she’ll find your notes. Every time she gets dressed, she’ll be getting another love note from you. 

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