Friday, November 12, 2010

They’re Playing Our Song

Did you ever have a song that the two of you called “our song?” You know, a song that was special because you heard it on your first date, or the first song you danced to, or maybe even a song that just spoke to the two of you about you.

Through the years, sometimes these songs get forgotten about; but they’re still there. I mean, not only does the song still exist, but it’s still in your hearts as well. Music, especially music that we can identify with in some special way is something that never goes away, and can still awaken the same emotions that it did years earlier.

Day 28 – If you don’t have a copy of “your song” anymore, get online and find one to download. Then, sometime when she’s least expecting it, like the moment she collapses on the couch after a long day, play “your song” for her.

It would help if you could enter dramatically into the room with a rose in your teeth, or at least in your hand, about 10 seconds after the song starts (in other words, just long enough for her to recognize it). This would be a good time for a nice long hug, or a slow dance together in the middle of the living room. Don’t worry about the kids giggling, they need to see that you love one another.

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