Monday, December 13, 2010

Be Her Encourager

There was a guy in the book of Acts in the Bible who was named “Barnabas.” His name literally translated means, “son of the encourager.” Now, I don’t know if he had that name because he encouraged people or because his dad encouraged people; but I strongly suspect that it was because he was an encourager. You see, that wasn’t his real name, it was a name given to him by the apostles.

I can easily imagine Barnabas seeking out those who were feeling beaten down, worn out and despondent; he would probably sit down with them, talk to them, and pick them up so they could go on again. Oh, how we could use some Barnabas’ today.

Day 54 – Sorry to say, I don’t know where to find a Barnabas for you. But, I do know where to find one for your wife. Can you guess who it is? You got it, you are.

You know, the world in which we live in is great at working to beat us all down. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a person who didn’t have struggles in their life; difficult bosses, cranky co-workers, problem neighbors, and of course at least one relative who could always be counted on to arrive at just the wrong time to put a negative spin on anything.

Well, just cause the world is trying to beat us down, doesn’t mean that we have to become a part of that game, especially within the marriage. Become the one who encourages your wife; compliment her on her appearance, her work, and her successes; in fact, compliment her on anything you can see her do. Then, go on from there to be her cheerleader in the things she is trying to do. Learn the phrases “you can do it” and “great job” and apply them frequently.

Your wife will feel better knowing that you are in her corner. She just may find herself making a little more progress, doing a little better job, and most of all being better able to ignore the negativity around her.

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