Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Women Love a Sale

I know we all just celebrated Christmas, with all the hustle and bustle of shopping and preparing. Probably the last thing you want to see right now is the inside of a store. You know, I can’t really blame you; I feel the same way. If I didn’t go to a store for the next six months, it’d be fine with me.

But you know, for the next few days, there’s this annual event called the “After Christmas sales.” Now, that may not be very exciting to you, but I can assure you, that female shopping gene goes crazy about this time. All the haste of Christmas shopping is forgotten in the desire to get out there and grab a good deal on something.

The nice thing about sales is they give all of us the opportunity to buy things we normally couldn’t afford, at a price we can afford. The trick is to not go buy things one normally wouldn’t buy, just because they are on sale.

Day 68 – So, let me ask you this question: Is there anything your wife wants, which you haven’t bought her, because it cost too much? If so, could it be that right now that item is on sale for a price you can afford? Maybe it would be worth checking out.

Just think how surprised your wife will be when you walk in with that thing. She thinks she’s already received all her Christmas gifts, and all of a sudden, along comes another gift that she wasn’t expecting. That should be fun and romantic too.

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