Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Sign of Your Love

Women love being told that they are loved; even more being told that they are loved when others can hear it. Not only does that make them feel loved, it also makes them feel special.

I’ll never understand it, there are many couples who fight in front of their kids, and talk bad about each other in public. Yet, those same couples are ashamed to say “I love you” or to kiss each other where others might see them. To me, it’d be much more embarrassing to have someone else see my wife and I fighting than it would be to have them see that we love each other.

My kids used to tease us about kissing. But, they felt secure in knowing that we loved each other. The couple of times we pretended to fight in front of them, they saw right through it and laughed at us.

We should never be ashamed to express our love for our wives. We should be willing to shout it from the rooftops. Let everyone else be jealous that they don’t have that kind of love, or that they don’t have the guts to shout of their love; that’ll just make your doing it all that more special. Your wife will feel like the most special woman around.

Day 43 – You’ve probably already finished your Christmas decorating, or at least think you have. But, I think you’re missing something. You need a banner in front of your house that declares your love for your wife. Many people say that Christmas is about family and love; well, show them that you are serious about your love.
You can buy butcher paper in many office supply stores. The only problem with butcher paper is that it will likely tear with the first big wind. If you use butcher paper, you’ll need to reinforce it somehow. Another option is to use several pieces of poster board, taped together with packing tape (if you do this, just tape the back side before doing the banner, tape the front after its done). Or, for those that want a more permanent decoration, you can always paint it on plywood.

So, now that you have the background, paint a “love your wife slogan” on the banner. Something like one of these:
·        Christmas is another time to tell my wife I love her.
·        In this house, I love my wife
·        I love you _______ (insert her name)
·        Christmas is a season of love. I love ______ (insert her name)

Put it up in the front yard, sometime when your wife doesn’t know about it, and just wait for her to see it. The next time she comes back to the house, her eyes will pop out. She may express a little embarrassment in having something like that in front of the house, but she’ll be thrilled that you did it.

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