Saturday, December 18, 2010

Help Her Through that Last Minute Rush

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. If your household is anything like mine, you’re probably thinking that it would be nice if they postponed it a month or so, just for this year. It seems like every year we tell ourselves that next year we’re going to have to get an earlier start on Christmas preparations; and every year we get a later start than the year before. Something always comes up to make it harder.

Well, even if you’re not feeling the pressure of having only one more week to get ready for Christmas, I can guarantee you that your wife is feeling it. After all, in most households the shopping, baking, wrapping and cooking fall to the woman, not to the man.

Day 59 – You ever hear the one about “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”? That’s Jesus speaking in John’s gospel. As guys, we usually take the macho point of view on this one, saying, “Sure, I’m ready to die to defend my wife.” Okay, that’s good, but you know, I’m sure that if you are doing your job of being a husband right, your wife would rather have you here and alive.

There’s another part of laying down one’s life, that of living it out day to day. What I mean is, when we do something we don’t want to do, for somebody else, we are laying our life down for them. When they know that we’ve done that (without us having to tell them) they see it as a strong act of love.

Okay, so here we go, today is a good day to lay your wife down for your wife. How? Well, that depends on what she needs help with. If she’s like most women, she’s probably going out to finish the Christmas shopping today. Go with her. I know, I know, that probably seems like I’m asking too much of you; especially on a day like today, when the stores are going to be swamped. But, you see, that’s why she needs your help; because the stores are going to be swamped.

There are a number of ways you can make today’s shopping journey easier for your wife. First of all, by being there to help carry things; women naturally seem to sense that men are good for that. Another way is to stand in that ridiculously long checkout line, waiting while she searches for a few more goodies. That will save her an incredible amount of time. Be sure to take your cell phones, so you can call her and let her know when you’re getting close to the checkout. Finally, there might be times when you can go in one store for her, to pick something up, while she goes in another. It’s called teamwork, and it’s time to get on the team.

This may not seem like the candlelight and soft music type of romance, and it really isn’t; but it’s still romantic. Your wife will appreciate the sacrifice you’re making, and you won’t even have to tell her it’s a sacrifice.

One last detail. There may be a moment or two when she needs you to disappear, so that she can pick up something for you. That’s a good moment for you to visit the jewelry, perfume, or lingerie departments to look for something for her.

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