Thursday, December 30, 2010

Build a Better Mouth Trap

You know, it’s pretty typical for us guys to murmur and growl whenever our wives ask us to do something. Granted, they seem to be pretty good at asking at the wrong time, like when we are in the middle of something, or right in the middle of the game; but that doesn’t really give us a reason for growling (although we usually use it as an excuse).

Let’s be real here, the reason we growl is that we don’t like the infringement on what we think of as our time. Even worse, we don’t like them interrupting what we are doing for what we think of as being less important than what we are doing. But, that’s not the way she sees it. She sees our growling as we think that whatever we are doing is more important than she is. That can cause all kinds of problems.

Day 69 – We need to change our thinking on this a little bit. If that’s the way that our wives are seeing things, then maybe we need to see them that way as well; not from a “submit to her wishes” point of view, but to keep peace in our marriage.

Most marital arguments and hurts come from misunderstandings. Why are there so many misunderstandings? Because we don’t express ourselves well enough to be understood by someone who thinks differently than we do. Now, I’m not saying it’s all our fault guys (although most women, and many marriage books say just that), I think there’s plenty of fault to share. What I am saying is that we need to take responsibility for the part that is ours, and do whatever we can to eliminate it.

So, the next time that growl starts to poke out of your mouth, put a lid on it. Get your voice under control and respond to your wife as if you love her, not as if she’s an infringement on your liberty.

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