Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Kisses

Sometimes, old traditions can add to romance, or at least remind us to be romantic. There’s something about revisiting the style and custom of those days that can spark our imaginations; and bring out the romantic side of even the most cynical of us.

In today’s hustle-and-bustle word of plastic and electronics, we sometimes lose the special moments and things that made holidays sparkle in times past. Whatever happened to stringing popcorn and cranberries to put on the tree? Why don’t people make their own ornaments for the tree any more? Or, how about Christmas carolers sharing the Christmas cheer? Whatever happened to hanging mistletoe in a doorway?

Maybe we need to slow down and revisit some of these old Christmas traditions; they might awaken the poet deep within us.

Day 44 – Let’s start our Christmas season by hanging some mistletoe somewhere in the house. A few good ideas might be: just inside the doorway, so that you have to kiss each other when you come in the door; in the kitchen, so that you’ve got a good excuse to interrupt each other and take a kiss break; or in the hallway, so that every time you pass you have to stop to kiss.

Take good advantage of that mistletoe; there’s no such thing as too many kisses. At least, I’ve never seen any medical data saying that too many kisses cause cancer. As a matter of fact, who says that the mistletoe has to come down with the other decorations? Why not “accidentally forget” it and leave it up all year long; that way, you can give Christmas Kisses every day of the year.

I must be honest, this idea wasn’t an original; I give credit to Joasia, a high-school classmate and dance partner. She wrote me that her husband “accidentally forgot” to take the mistletoe down last year. Then, when they were remodeling the kitchen he “accidentally moved it,” and hung it in another part of the house.

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