Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maintain the “Wow Factor”

Many guys say, “I may be married, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look.” Some even go so far as to use this as an excuse for pornography. According to these guys, it doesn’t hurt to look, just as long as that’s all you do.

Sorry, guys, I have to disagree with that. When men look, there is a natural tendency to think about what, or who, they are looking at. Even if they don’t go off for a trip in fantasy land about that other woman, they still think about her, if only for a moment.

One of the ways in which we think about other women, which may not seem so dangerous, is to compare them to our wives. C’mon, let’s be realistic, what woman can stand up under the scrutiny of being compared to other women, who often are younger than they are? There’s always someone prettier, thinner, with larger breasts, a better body, or better makeup.

Okay, so what’s the problem with all this? Simple, once we start comparing our wives to these other women, we lose the “wow factor” about our own wife. Instead of seeing her as a wonderful, beautiful woman, we see her as the woman we’re stuck with. That’s dangerous ground to get into. To protect our hearts and our marriages we, as men, need to always see our own wives as beautiful women.

Day 55 – This is another one of those romantic acts that may not seem all that romantic, but carries huge consequences. Ready? Go to your wife and tell her, “Honey, I only have eyes for you.” Now, let me tell you right now that she’s not going to believe her, especially if she knows that you’ve had the habit of looking at other women.

So, how do you get her to believe you? Okay, here’s where the going gets rough. If you’re one of those guys who have been looking at other women, you need to apologize to your wife for that and ask her to help you in the future. Ask her to help keep a guard on your eyes, and if she sees you looking at someone else, to get in the way, pull you away, or help you look the other way. That will show her you are serious.

You will find that the less you look at other women, the more beautiful your wife looks to you. Even if you’ve lost the “wow factor” about her, it’ll come back; don’t worry. You were created to appreciate her beauty and she was created to look beautiful to you.

No woman wants to share her husband any more than a man wants to share his wife (although there are a few strange guys out there that do). She needs the confidence and assurance that you are hers and are going to stay hers. This will help her have that confidence.

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