Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Using What You Learn

Everything you learn about your wife can be turned into a romantic act. In fact, the better you know your wife, the more romantic you can be. That’s because there is nobody else in the world who knows your wife like you do. As you study her, you become the world’s premier expert on… her.

Yes, I know, the movies paint the idea that to be romantic one needs to be a tall, dark stranger; but that’s not really true. While there is some element of romance associated with mystery, it doesn’t hold a candle to the romance that can be cooked up by someone who truly knows their spouse. That’s because that stranger has to work on generalities, while you can work on those things that you know your wife desires in her heart.

Day 49 – Yesterday, you had a “dream conversation” with your wife; discussing something imaginary that the two of you would like to do, if you could. In the process, you learned things about your wife that nobody else knows. You learned about her likes, her hopes, and more importantly, her dream.

Now you need to make use of that new information you learned. How can you take that dream and make it reality; or at least create something that will feed that dream?

There was once a television show called “Fantasy Island.” In it, people paid big bucks to be able to have their dreams brought about. Of course, things never turned out quite like they wanted, but I’d have to say that they always turned out good in the end. Well, now it’s your chance to be the host of that fantasy.

You’re going to have to use your imagination on this one. Take what you learned and try to find some way of making it reality, or at least a good fantasy. For example, if you were talking about your dream vacation, and your wife said she always wanted to go on a cruise, stop by a travel agency and pick up some brochures about cruises. Take your wife in the bedroom, close the door, and sit on the bed together, looking at the literature you found. Who knows, you might end up figuring out a way to make that cruise happen.

Let’s try another example. Instead of the vacation idea, what if you were talking about your dream house. In that talk, your wife said she wanted a Jacuzzi in the house. Well, looks like today’s a good day to start looking at Jacuzzis. Stop by a couple of places with her, and see what’s available. Maybe you can’t make your whole house into a dream house, but you might be able to make one corner of it.

You see what I mean? There’s always some way that you can use the information from those “dream conversations” to make your marriage a little bit better. Isn’t that what romance is all about anyway?

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