Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Night You Proposed

Probably one of the most romantic moments of your life, if not the most romantic moment was when you proposed to your wife. You may not be able to remember it all that well, but I guarantee you, she remembers every detail. She can tell you where you were, what you both were wearing, what you’d been doing beforehand, probably even the music that was playing on the radio.

Women have incredible memories for those sorts of details; especially when it has something to do with your relationship. That’s because they are relationally oriented, so those things that have something to do with their relationships form strong emotional memories for them.

Day 67 – Well, if proposing to your wife made such an impact on her the first time, what would happen if you did it again? I’d have to say that it would get you the award for the romantic husband of the year.

Now, don’t just do this haphazardly; if you really want to do it right, try and recreate as much of the first proposal as you can. See if you can download the same music and burn a CD, go to the same place, do the same things beforehand, and even try and dress similar if you can. Then, at the right moment, ask her to marry you again.

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