Saturday, December 11, 2010

Get Dressed Up for Her

Us guys tend to be a bit of a slob at times; or at least if we aren’t slobs, we like to dress as if we are. Come Saturday, we dig out the old jeans and a holy t-shirt because they are “comfortable.” If our wives don’t like it, well, that’s just too bad.

Hold on a minute. Don’t we like to see them all dressed up for us? Well then, why shouldn’t we do the same thing for them? It’s one thing to wear grubbies when we’re working on something grubby; but it’s a whole different thing to just hang out in them. Why should we think that’s going to spark any romantic interest in them at all?

Women aren’t visually stimulated like men are, nor are they as likely to hook up with someone just for how they look; they are much more interested in what they say. On the other hand, a woman has a hard time working up much interest in getting close to a smelly, grubby, sweaty man. Appearances are important; that’s why they spend so much time to make themselves look good.

Remember the old saying about “clothes make the man.” What that means is that wearing the right clothing can make a man look like he’s somebody important. If you don’t believe me, just try dealing with anyone who provides a service; they’ll treat you better if you are better dressed.

I remember when I was doing a lot of business traveling as an engineer. Usually, my traveling companions would show up at the airport wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, while I showed up in a suit. At first, I did it in case my luggage got lost (I hated showing up at meetings, or vendors looking like I was there to fix their car). But I quickly learned that I got better service than my traveling companions. Why? Just because I wore a suit.

Day 52 – I’m probably going to step on a few sacred cows with this one, but… (deep breath) okay, here goes. If we want our wives to be attracted to us, we need to make ourselves attractive to them. That means it’s time to retire the holy t-shirts, buy some new jeans, and get rid of the smelly tennis. I know, you’re attached to that stuff; but remember, you’re working on being more attached to your wife.

Remember what I was saying about “looking like somebody important”? Women, by their nature, want to be married to a man who is a winner. He’s got to be the strongest, or the bravest, or the fastest, or the richest, or best at something. Why? Because those kinds of men become good providers. When you dress well, you look like you are a winner. That makes her feel good.

So, put those grubbies back in the closet. Use them when you have to mow the lawn or change the oil. But, when you don’t have to look like a bum, look like somebody; not for you, for her.

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