Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Got a buck?

You know, one of our jobs as men is to protect our wives. Once upon a time, that probably meant protecting them from wild animals. Later on, you could add robbers and other violent men to that list. Actually, even today our wives need protection from the world around them.

I’m not saying that we should lock our wives up in a cage or watch over them with a shotgun. But, there’s still a lot of danger around, and even more, there’s inconvenience around that we all need to deal with. Protecting our wives doesn’t just mean from those things that can harm them, but also from all those things that could put them in a risky situation.

Day 63 – This is one of those little “show her you care” types of simple things that we all should make a point of doing. That is, make sure she always has money in her purse. As much as we are becoming a cashless society, there are always those situations where one needs good old fashioned cash to make a purchase. Usually, it’s for something small, like a sandwich or a cup of coffee, but without cash, we can’t do it.

Like I said, it might not seem like much, but if you make a habit of checking her wallet, and making sure there’s always some cash in it, it can give your wife a sense of security that you are taking care of her. Then, when she wants that cup of coffee, she doesn’t have to put it on the credit card.

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